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Nuveen is an American asset manager and wholly owned subsidiary of financial planning firm TIAA, itself known for its legacy focus on managing money for not-for-profit institutions such as universities and their employees. As a consequence of integration efforts over the last several years, Nuveen (or branded sub-affiliates) now manage the entirety of TIAA's own capital as well as all capital sour


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Former Employee - Vice President says

"Management only cares about their own salaries and pay. No care for employees."

Current Employee - Equities says

"Not a good place if you care about your career or the purpose of the business. They constantly say customer first, but horrible products and services that are more expensive than the free options. Management is well paid and most of them are just trying to extract as much value out of the company as they can. I've heard numerous VERY senior level execs answer questions with "i dont worry about (xyz industry headwind)...i'll be long gone before that happens." There is a reason why the organization has gotten some bad press. There is zero culture and the town halls are a joke. You will hear a bunch of crap about 'big data' 'AI' 'machine learning'....none of these people even know what this stuff is and have nowhere near the competency to utilize these technologies."

Former Employee - Lead Consultant says

"Not sure whether TIAA acquired Nuveen or its vice versa. The previous CEO’s decision to hand over complete control to acquired company seems to be fishy and the CEO moved to Europe after the transition. So seems like some money transaction happened there. Nuveen employees are pushing TIAA employees out and the current CEO and entire organization is simply sit and watch. We might have seen this only in movies but you could see real time politics if you join Nuveen."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"TIAA Management has no respect for anyone working in Chicago. They purchased the company because the need an Investment Company and they wanted the name. After the got what the wanted the systematically began treat all Chicago employees poorly because they don't want them and they would rather have an employee quit than provide a package. Top level of management are rude, ill mannered and barbaric, absolutely no class."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"-Nuveen/TIAA management is not focused or clear. TIAA management seems to think they have a strategy for nuveen, but most employees roll their eyes when he speaks as he either doesnt have a clue or is being disingenuous. Management is filled with empire builders...a bunch of gobbling up garbage people and garbage assets. Management takes way too long to make decisions and often makes the wrong one. It seems like nuveen loses most of their good employees, so they are stuck with below average performers. -No management decision is ever made with much thought or analysis. Every time i ask management why they did something they give a response that indicates the decision was made with zero analysis. -The firm has too many sub-scale underperforming funds with massive amounts of costs associated with them. You are better off paying a good person a lot of money than have 3 bad people. Nuveen tends to have a lot of people, but not a lot of performance. The good people leave because there isn't enough budget because of the large numbers of bad people."

Former Employee - Associate says

"No flex time, work overload, negative and toxic environment."


"IT team employees just don’t mesh. And constant friction in the ranks can make your office feel like a war zone. Which presents a dramatic effect on productivity. IT using Outdated technology, mismanaged and micro managed for years."

Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"IT Senior Mgmt is a joke, Finance chokes off innovation, No career growth or personal development support"

Data and Systems Analyst says

"They shutdown their division in Radnor because it was making corporate IT look bad. Radmor division was too efficient."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR Senior Management and IT Senior Management were not qualified for their roles and fell into the office politics instead of focusing on the true root or cause of consistent problems. They did not come from investment management backgrounds. They were clearly "yes people" and pawns for executive management. The constant battle between Chicago and LA was ridiculous. It should be recognized that different cities and offices have different cultures and style and one single method or process will not work for all."

Accounting Budgeting Analyst (Consultant) says

"Performance reviews are designed to both evaluate general performance and measure progress around specific goals. Both negative and positive aspects are incorporated in these reviews as they should serve as a point of reference to both look back in evaluation and ahead in anticipation. Pulling back from daily demands in order to assess and review employee performance allows managers to focus their attention on specific departments and clarify what is high priority to their company."

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. Head of Investment Strategy (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Nuveen for almost 10 years and all of my time there was very satisfying and productive. Unfortunately, there was a cost cutting plan in place and many senior people were released in March of 2019. I am a talented fixed income professional who has worn many hats. From portfolio management, credit analysis, client relationship management, asset gathering, technical writing and personnel management."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"The company is always restructuring. Seasoned workers that have been consistent were let go. Current employees do not trust management and are always expecting to be let go especially when a new restructuring of upper management is taking place. They do not feel secure at all in their positions as they never receive enough positive feedback nor encouragement from management.Good Salary/BenefitsWorking environment, bad management"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Nuveen is a great company, however, their IT department is a mess, using older technologies and suffering from poor management. A larger company just bought them out introducing radical changes both in management, bureaucracy, and operations. Again, the company overall is great, but the IT department, particularly Front Office Applications is a disaster.Great payPoor managment"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Nuveen could really be something, yet a lot of management would need to be fired and an overall company streamlining would have to take place.Open door/cube policyBad management, will not bend for change"

director (Current Employee) says

"They fired many good people and now are stuck with the bottom of the barrel. they need to get a new senior management ! this guy has been firing people for over 10 years.great vacationthey fired all the good staff members and now stuff with the bottom of the barrel."

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"The culture is an old boys club. Very cliquish. It's much more of a plutocracy than a meritocracy. Also, the Nuveen culture seems very oily in comparison to its parent company. Very good compensation and product suite are the strong aspects to the firm."

COMPLIANCE OFFICER (Current Employee) says

"C'mon people, get it together. What are we working on? Who is going to do what by when? It seems that the senior ranks are so clueless as to basic project management that they want to appear above it all by delegating anything that would help clarify basic logistics of the real work safely beneath them."

Business Management Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Not a good culture in my experience, one sided, heavy on management side, not taking into consideration employees' recommendations. Very hard to advance internally."

Senior Compliance Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I've learned that culture is very important and the culture at Nuveen will suck the life out of you. The company poorly supports cross training, sharing of knowledge and camaraderie. Middle and upper management need an overhaul. The pay is great compared to industry peers and the benefits are top notch, as well, but that isn't enough to drown out the feeling of dread when you walk through the doors."

Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Good work/life balance. Good people, for the most part. The integration into TIAA has really changed the culture. It has also turned a relatively slow moving company, into a VERY slow moving company.Decent benefits, good work/life balancetop-heavy management structure, lack of advancement"

Data Integrity Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Being provided the opportunity to work with a broad range of experienced co-workers and diverse client group. Appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed the experience and supporting and making a positive difference to people in need."

Vice President, Sales and Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Good atmosphere with a rich history in the asset management industry. Many options for career progression if you are willing to keep evolving and willing to adapt."

Asset Management (Current Employee) says

"More reorgs than an average person can wrap their heads around and negatively impacts culture and morale. Direction of organization is not clear and upper management is disorganized."

Senor Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is stuck in their old ways and doesn't do anything to evolve and grow. I had a manager who didn't even know how to use Microsoft word or excel. She could barely use a computer! You only get noticed if you worked there for 10 or more years and they don't help you to advance or grow. The only thing that made me stay was the benefits and retirement incentives."


"Come to work and be prepared for deal with lot of mess, and unrealistic expectation in IT. Too much documentation and too many meeting. Not sure how one can get work done when you are on phone for so many ridiculous meetings.balance. Good benefits.Stressful, no work life balance"

Systems and Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Large secure organization, slow to move and accept new ideas. Politics can be tricky.Many good people, very secure job.Some positions are too focused, many stardards are not enforced or even adequately developed."

Director, Operational Risk Management (Former Employee) says

"I prefer not to provide a detailed review at this time. The merger between TIAA, the parent entity, and Nuveen was challenging at times due to the duplication of effort that needed to be streamlined in some cases."

Operational Risk Manager (Former Employee) says

"I prefer not to provide a detailed review right now. The role I had was both rewarding and challenging at times. For me, it was an opportunity to immerse myself in asset management."

Human Resources Employee (Former Employee) says

"Job was mostly enjoyable. Internal controls were good and technology was great! Team that I worked with were collaborative and respectful of everyone's ideas. Leadership within our area had favorites.Decent place to workLeadership had favorites"

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